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Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients based on exceptional HVAC, Piping & Plumbing Shop Drawings. We provide the best HVAC, Piping & Plumbing Shop Drawings that you can manufacture from at the lowest price in the field. We are not P.E. Engineers. We do not design HVAC systems. Sorry we no longer do large BIM jobs and do not do business with USA companies that outsource to India.

1. 2D or 3D BIM
​2. Scope of work: Ductwork Hvac pipe or Plumbing.
3. SMACNA fabrication drawing or just Coordination?

We can beat our competitors pricing by 10-30 percent. They have been over charging for years. We charge by the hour not the job. Times have changed so we changed with them.  We are a group of 10 American professionals located all over the USA.  We only do business with companies in the USA. If you are getting quotes from overseas we will not work for you. KEEP IT IN THE USA.

You will need to know the difference in “”Shop Drawings”” and "Coordination Drawings"

Shop drawings are fabrication drawings (SMACNA). This includes everything to make and install your job. You will be able to take-off and fab all your individual pieces. Cost 600 to 1200 per sheet. 

Coordination Drawings we make sure there are no collisions with the steel, ceiling and other trades. We provide top of duct and bottom of duct dimensions. Cost 600 to 900 per sheet. We quote the contract drawings at 1/8 scale. This is an average cost most of our customers use these numbers.

Your first step is email me your pdf files for a quote today. 3DSpecialistLLC@gmail.com or call 888-360-606       

What we need to start:
1. CAD files of the HVAC or Plumbing.
2. PDF files of the Structural, Architectural and reflective ceiling plan (ceiling heights) 
3. Size of insulation being installed. 
4. Cut length of your ductwork.

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About Our Service 

Coordinated drawings from structural architectural to MEP.
*Commercial HVAC shop drawings
*Professional drawings including an itemized title block.
*Overlay civil with site plan to coordinate Geo thermal drawings
*1/8” roof plan scale and 1/4” enlarged HVAC plans for shop drawings
*General and specified notes.
*Duct heights and Unit heights provided from Structural foundation and roof framing plans
*Roof curb locations and dimensions provided from submittals.
*Duct sections (usually provided at 59” unless otherwise noted in submittals).
*RCP background overlay (if RCP is provided in dwg form)
*Details can be submitted with plans
*Ceiling heights in each room provided from Architectural Reflected Ceiling Plan
*Most limited amount of duct cuts by expanding or reducing transitions or moving branches.
* Equipment dimensioned off nearest structural steel or wall
*Coordinated roof penetrations
*Fabrication sizes and lengths
*Diffuser & register sizes, types, and CFM ratings
* TOD and BOD elevations and bottom of VAV's

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3D BIM CAD with Navisworks
We use CADPipe and AutoCAD which are fully compatible with Navisworks for Collision Warning & Correction for coordination.

Generate Materials Reports 
Automatic Section Views/Spools 
Intelligent Accessories 
User-defined Specifications 
Collision Warning & Correction 
Automatic Duct Placement 
Annotate Drawings 
Architectural Functions 

Lead Coordination Services
We can take the lead with Coordinating all the other trades. When taking the lead we use Naviswork with collision detection.
Each week we host online meetings with GotoMeeting.com 

Before we can start we need the follow:
The Architects Revit model. (.rvt file)
All approved equipment submittals (cut sheets)
Refective Ceiling Plan

2D & 3D  HVAC Shop   CADPipe AutoCAD  MEP
Autodesk Fabrication
 TSI CADmep CAD-Duct CAD-Mech
Navisworks Manage
Since 1998, we have been providing HVAC Shop Drawing and Solidworks services to a variety of customers. Jobs range from retail, hospitals, schools, restaurant  and hotels. My Solidworks services range from machine design, enclosures, weldment. We have the best reputation in our field and can prove it.  
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