Solidworks Mechanial Design Services

In these times its expensive to have a full-time Designer on site. Companies are trying to save money by hiring help on demand. I also can be that consistent person you can call on when needed. With my quote on your project you’ll know your cost up front.  

With my service you can better budget you project because you’ll know the cost of the project based on my quote. The first step is to send me a picture or hand sketch or a web link to something that might look similar. Then I can give you a quote. 

My Skill Sets:
You have the concept. I take your concept from a rough sketch to a CAD Solidworks 1st draft. Designing for manufacturability, fit,  form, function, and materials selection. I spec out parts and design around these parts. Machine design, sheet metal design, detail drawings, assembly instructions and Photoworks 360 3D renderings. 

I have three part-time clients on both coast. They are very happy with the quality, production per hour, fair quoting and how easy this can be. 
My main communication is a quick sketch. You’ll need to sketch something first to get your point across. Tools I use are USB sketchpad and Microsoft Paint and AutoCAD Sketch Pro to send quick sketches by email or fax. I also used and for my design review. These tools make it very easy to get things rolling and keep them rolling. With the first rough draft you’ll see a good 50 percent of your concept in CAD. Then we have something to kick around..
I can provide you with free 3D viewing software call edrawings by Solidwork..This will let you rotate and measure the object…You’ll be able to see my desktop and point out the critical areas you need changed. 

I do this full-time from my home office. So you can get a hold of me 24-7.  I do not require a deposit up front. After I’m done and you are completely satisfied I ask for payment within 5 days by pay pal or check. My goal is to be available durning your project and reply to you within minutes as communication is key.

My Areas of Expertise 

  • - Machine Design 
  • - Packaging Electronics 
  • - Factory Automation / Robotics 
  • - Aircraft Electronics 
  • - Optical Assemblies 
  • - Small mechanisms 
  • - Enclosure Design 
  • - Consumer Electronics 
  • - Sheet Metal 
  • - Machined plastics/metals 
  • - Injection Molding 
  • - Composites 
  • - PCB mechanical layout 
  •  -Photo-Realistic 3D Renderings 
  • - Full-Up Detail Drawing packages 
  • - Drawing Conversion
  • - Assembly instructions
  • - PDM Works
  • -Enclosures
  • -Tooling

If you can sketch it I can make it!