*All HVAC shop drawings will show the routing
of ductwork closely following the contract drawing.  The duct will be detailed to miss structure, due to the ability to draw in 3D. 
*All HVAC Shop Drawing Ductwork will be drawn to match your shop standards. Ensuring the drawings are as accurate as possible.  
*Dimensions showing ductwork and gridline relationship. (or wall relationship as required) 
*All HVAC Shop Drawing ductwork will show size, length of each piece, top and bottom elevations.  Fittings will show throat lengths, amount of rise or fall and amount of offset.
*Riser duct will be shown if needed.  Shaft duct will be detailed.
*Exact placement of VAVs, TAUs, EFs and AC units showing access required.
*Pad drawings of Air Handling Units if required.
*Placement of registers and grilles.
*Drawings will show your logo (if provided in dwg format ), company name, address and phone numbers.
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  • HVAC Plumbing Shop Drawings
  • AutoCAD
  • 3D CAD
  • Solidworks
  • As-Builts 
  • HVAC Detailing
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Terms of my Service
1.I will be provided Dwg AutoCAD files. If I’m not provided with the dwg files I’ll need to redraw the job this is an extra 875.00 dollar total charge. I must be provided with a clean not scanned pdf or dwf files.
2.I will include BOD and BOU dimensions for HVAC ductwork and all cut sizes to make the ductwork. AutoCAD 2011 format and any scale will be provided. You can provide a title block or I can make one for you. 
3.I will provide HVAC shop drawings that include 59” cut lengths for sq duct and 120” cut lengths for round duct. Lead time is 7 days. If you need them sooner add 25 percent.
4.After the HVAC shop drawings have been done if changes are needed to the HVAC drawings I’ll update them at no charge. If the M.E. needs to change the design of the HVAC system there will be no extra charge (within reason). I will provide an “As Built” drawing at no charge.
5.My emailed questions need to be addressed with a 24 hr period. If not the work will be put back into the work load back log.

HVAC Shop Drawings Specialist