Right from the inception of the business in 1998, our HVAC design experts have been exceptional in creating and delivering quality HVAC Shop Drawing and Solidworks services. We serve a wide array of customers,from hospitals to retail, restaurant to schools, and then from a wider variety of domains. Our HVAC duct system design services include enclosures, machine design, and weldment. Reach us for the complete range of HVAC duct work layout design and drawing services.

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Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients based on exceptional HVAC, Piping & plumbing shop drawings. We provide the best HVAC piping design, plumbing shop drawings & HVAC duct system design services that you can manufacture from at the lowest price in the field. We are not P.E. Engineers. We do not design HVAC systems. Sorry we no longer do large BIM jobs and do not do business with USA companies that outsource to India.


  • 1. 2D or 3D BIM
  • ​2. Scope of work: Ductwork Hvac pipe or Plumbing.
  • 3. SMACNA fabrication drawing or just Coordination?
HVAC Designing and Drafting

What We Offer

MEP Design and Drafting

Welcome to commercial and home design HVAC shop drawing company, your one-stop shop for all your construction and engineering needs. We specialize in providing digital solutions for construction companies, architects, engineers, and contractors. This article will discuss HVAC shop drawings and how we can help you with them.

What are HVAC Shop Drawings & Design?

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) shop drawings & designs are detailed technical drawings that illustrate the design, specifications, and placement of HVAC components and systems in a building. These drawings provide a clear and comprehensive representation of the HVAC system's layout, size, and location of each component and the routes of ductwork and piping. HVAC shop drawings are an essential part of any construction project, as they help the contractor to understand the HVAC system's installation and coordination requirements.

Why is HVAC Shop Drawings Important?
  • Accurate Design: HVAC shop drawings help to ensure that the design of the HVAC ductwork layout design is accurate and meets the project requirements and specifications.

  • Coordination: HVAC shop drawings & ductwork layout design enable the contractor to coordinate the installation of the HVAC system with other building systems and ensure that there are no clashes or conflicts.

  • Efficiency: Accurate HVAC shop drawings and ductwork layout design help to reduce the likelihood of errors or rework during the installation process, saving time and money.

Our HVAC shop drawing & duct system design services include:
  • Design and Layout: Our team will work with you to design and layout the residential and industrial HVAC design system for your project. We will ensure that the system meets the project requirements and specifications.

  • Ductwork and Piping: We will create detailed drawings for ductwork and piping, including sizes, materials, and locations.

  • Coordination: We will coordinate the HVAC system's installation with other building systems to ensure that there are no clashes or conflicts.

  • As-Built Drawings: We will create as-built drawings that document the final installation of the residential and industrial HVAC design system.


HVAC Shop Drawings understands the significance of accurate HVAC shop drawings and ductwork layout design in construction projects. We offer a wide range of digital HVAC design solutions to help you create detailed and accurate shop drawings. Our team of experienced engineers and draftsmen uses the latest technologies and software to create HVAC shop drawings that meet your project requirements and specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial and home design HVAC shop drawing services how we can help you with your next project.

HVAC Duct Shop Drawings USA

HVAC Shop Drawings

Our specialized HVAC Drawing is technically perfect for helping contractors and fabricators to put ducts and other equipment in the right place.

HVAC Shop Drawings+

HVAC Shop Drawing Services USA

Coordination Drawings

Our specialist engineers have the expertise and knowledge to create drawings to take care of the functioning of MEP systems before starting construction.

Coordination Drawings+

Duct Shop Drawings USA

Plumbing Shop Drawings

Our technical drawings are perfect for freshwater supply pipes, waste pipe systems, and plumbing fixtures of various types.

Plumbing Shop Drawings+

Shop Drawing HVAC in USA

BIM & Virtual Construction

Design and coordination of our mechanical piping, HVAC, and plumbing systems is facilitated with Building Information Modeling (BIM). We will develop the building systems model to the level of development required for any project

BIM & Virtual Construction+

AIR Duct Design

3D BIM CAD with Navisworks

HVAC System Designer

We use CADPipe and AutoCAD which are fully compatible with Navisworks for Collision Warning & Correction for coordination.

  • Generate Materials Reports
  • Automatic Section Views/Spools​
  • Intelligent Accessories
  • User-defined Specifications
  • Collision Warning & Correction​
  • Automatic Duct Placement
  • Annotate Drawings
  • Architectural Functions ​
HVAC Shop Drawings in USA
HVAC Mechanical Design
HVAC Duct Shop Drawings in USA

Lead Coordination Services

HVAC Design Engineering Companies
  • CAD files of the Mechanicals. Extra if not provided
  • Mech, Arch and Structural PDFS needed​
  • Approved submittals
  • Insulation liner requirements need to be clear for resizing.
  • Ductwork joint cut lengths. 48" 56-1/4" or 59"​
  • As-Built billed separately.
  • Customers who pay fast get work done fast.
  • CAD release forms are signed by your company.​
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