BIM & Virtual Construction


Design and coordination of our mechanical piping, HVAC, and plumbing systems is facilitated with Building Information Modeling (BIM). We will develop the building systems model to the level of development required for any project.

Our project engineering team combines an accomplished skill set in current 3-D BIM software, with their knowledge of mechanical systems and construction methods to develop models that are fully coordinated with structural, architectural, and other trades. Frequently, our clients appoint us to the lead MEP coordinator role, in which we facilitate the model development and clash resolution. Our in-house coordination rooms are designed specifically to host these meetings; providing technology support within functional, collaborative workspace.

Our final model contains all major equipment, critical system components, and service access requirements.

Beyond providing the installation drawings, we also use the final model for construct-ability review, visualization and planning, and creating highly detailed fabrication drawings and layout files for sleeves and inserts via the Trimble robotic total station. This significantly increases our onsite efficiency into a master facility model.

What we Deliver:
Our Mechanical BIM Services Include:
  • Block-out Drawings

  • The plinth or Equipment pad lay

  • Mechanical Room Modeling

  • Installation/Shop Drawings

  • Quantity Takeoff

Virtual BIM Management

Another benefit of BIM Coordination HVAC Shop Drawings is that they can be used to identify potential clashes or conflicts between different systems. For example, the ductwork for the HVAC system may clash with the electrical conduit for the lighting system. By identifying these clashes early in the design process, they can be resolved before construction begins, saving time and money.

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